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"I'm A Villager, I Don't Apply Anything" Vera Sidika Shows Off Her Glowing Skin Without Make Up

Among the top female celebrities trending online in Kenya we have Vera Sidika alias Queen Vee. She's a loving mother of Asia Brown and married to Brown Mauzo a top music artist too. Vera does the job of blogging content on Instagram and posting cute photos of her daughter. She keeps on telling her fans how much she's obsessed to Asia her firstborn. The baby has grown faster and now they're in Mombasa having fun after the December holidays. As evident on their posts, they're coming back to Nairobi very soon after their house renovation is complete. 

So today it happened that Vera shared her video showing her natural skin. She's one of those celebrities who use cosmetic surgery but today she revealed the real face without any cosmetic. She flaunts the look while telling fans that her genes make the skin glow. Vera says she doesn't use any kind of artificial product on her face. So fans should stop asking her to advise on the best product to make the face glow since her's is just natural as a result of having good genes. 

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