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"Kumbe Ni Wife Material" Azziad Leaves Kenyans Amazed After Doing This On Live Video

The ever sizzling tik-tok queen Azziad Nasenya has once again gave Kenyans something to talk about after going live on her page last night.

Azziad who broke the Internet after her dancing skills last year has seen herself grow to become a very influential person and now boasts of over 1 million followers on both Tik tok and Instagram.

However, one thing that fans have always been curious to find out is if she is just a social media freak or she can as well do all the normal duties a lady should do in the house.

With her long nails, no one ever though Azziad can cook until she decided to prove her fans wrong last night in a live video.

Appearing without make up and zero filters, Azziad decided to show Kenyans she can cook ugali while at the same time preparing eggs for her supper.

Her cooking was quite decent and I also discovered that she is left-handed.

After finishing her cooking, the sassy girl then would show how she eats with her long nails leaving all those judging her to look stupid as it was quite easy for her despite the nails. 

Azziad would then end her live by thanking all the fans for always supporting her while also revealing that she has developed a thick to all the haters.

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