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When to Listen to Sad Music

Sad music is always good whenever someone is undergoing hard times and depression. Take a look at the following reasons why it's better to do so:

Person who has had a recent break-up might listen to Adele’s Someone Like You, have a good cry, and then walk away feeling better, focusing on thoughts of moving on and becoming stronger through their experiences.

A person with a tendency to depression, however, might listen to the same song but focus on thoughts of how love never works out for them, or how they will never be able to fall in love with anyone else. Thus, instead of feeling better, their negative thought patterns are only deepened by listening to such a sad song.

For a healthy person this feeling is probably no more than a minor blip in their day and may even help them obtain some important psychological benefits along with way.

Though not quite well recommend, but those who had severely undergone depression may also listen to sad music and feel happy. So it also helps in severe situations.

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