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Zora TV Series: Who Kwame Will Marry After Alma's Death

In the citizen tv Zora , the series has been one of the most watched program revmcentlynwuth the twist if events making it even more interesting.

In the recent developments Alma who is the wife to Kwame gets pregnant from another man all this was planned between the two of them, but she later regrets it because she doesn't know the father.

She gets alot of pressure from her husband as he always reminds her thay the child she is having is not his, and thei really breaks as.

He wakes her up one day and tells her to get out of his house for good this time or he will personally embarrass her by dragging her out. This got her thinking of a plan and that is to get an abortion.

While having the abortion the unexpected happens and she dies during the process. This really hurts Kwame and he blames himself for her death.

But life has to go on and after mourning the only woman that he has ever loved. Yola becomes so close to him, she starts to remind him owf the wonderful moments that they had together.

Within no time Yola is always at his house and in no time she announces that she is pregnant, although he never knew it will get this far, he decides to Marry her and finally Yola becomes a member of the Chibale family.

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