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Sultana:Dida Witnesses Fatima Massaging Major

In today's episode, Fatima is relaxed in the house taking juice. JJ will pass by and takes some water to Bi Ua at the store. Fatima will not be happy because she wants Bi Ua to suffer and never have peace.

Fatima will call Major and tells him JJ is in the house caring for his mother. Fatima tells Major to hurry up because is afraid JJ might do something. Dida will behind and asks his mother the kind of woman she is. Dida tells her should be ashamed because she is the main reason Bi Ua is chained in the store.

Fatima tells Dida not to be foolish because this is the opportunity to live a lavish life. Fatima tells Dida she may ask for everything because she will live a good life that his engineering father could not afford. Dida will not be happy and tells Fatima is just a selfish woman and warns her not to mention Mbuya.

Major will be back in the house and will have some disagreements with JJ. Major tells JJ to never come to his house and unless kneeling. Major will then inform JJ that is aware he fought with Kokan and the police are coming for him if Kokan's body is not found. JJ will just walk away and tells Major is not afraid of the police and may come all team. Major will be annoyed and starts complaining.

Fatima will cool Major down and starts massaging him. Dida will upstairs and will be shocked to see her mother massaging Major. She will get downstairs to witness it again and she will not believe it. Dida will not say a thing and will just leave.

Fatima will then advise Major to remove JJ from the family but Major can't because JJ is his boy. Major will then calls Asia to bring him water but Fatima says she went out. Asia will show up carrying the water and Fatima will be surprised. Major asks Asia where she has come from because she has not been in the house. Asia tells Major she never went out but it's Fatima who wants her to be fired. Asia will then plead Major to come aside and inform him something.

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