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Sultana: Kokan Sneaks At Fatma's Compound To Look For Sultana

Tomorrow's episode at Fatma's house they will be waiting for Jabali Junior to pay for Dida's dowry. Crowd of people have gathered to celebrate this day. Kokan sneaks at the compound and will be hiding because he doesn't want to be seen.

Kokan is happy because JJ will marry and will stay away from Sultana's life. Kokan loves Sultana and thinks he will have good time with her without any disturbance from JJ.

Sultana will be back at home and she is happy. She asks her mother about JJ's gifts. Salama tells her that she said she doesn't want them again but Sultana says she need the back.

Salama asks Sultana to explain what's going on between her, Kokan and Jabali Junior. Sultana will not say anything but Salama begs her to speak because she is a mother and can understand her better but Sultana only needs her gifts.

Salama will get inside and brings Sultana all JJ's gift. She will be happy and takes out the walking stick. Salama will wait Sultana to explain anything but she will get inside house while smiling.

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