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Vincent Mboya Finally Pays back Jalang’os Ksh 18K (Screenshot)

Felix Odiwuor (Jalang'o) who is the kiss 100 moderator he has been clashing with Vincent Mboya who is a craftsman who he had sent him 18000 for the youth to clean up his lease dissatisfied responsibilities.After he had received the money Mboya guaranteed he was deprecated by Jalang'o.

Instead of Mboya giving thanks for this help, he retaliated for his respect by returning the money. He gave Jalang'o two days to pick the money but Jalang'o was not ready for the return. Resolving the issue, he asserted;

"You have my number, send the cash to me. I bet there is an M-Pesa shop in your hood. Store the cash and send it. I didn't give you in cash." 

Mboya went on to give the pardon that Jalang'o likely had a 'fuliza' advance, and that is the reason he didn't consider sending the cash straightforwardly to his mpesa number; 

'Ningejuaje ako na Fuliza?" 

"Unajua unaeza tumia mtu Pesa upate imekatwa na Fuliza". Kwanza yeye mwenyewe hakunitumia Kwa Mpesa straight, he narrated off the bank since he also received the money through the bank.

He nonetheless, re-considered the choice and sent him the cash. He shared the screen captures on his page; adding that he will not trifle with any dangers and he is well with little he has. Many people asked themselves that instead of Mboya appreciating he decides to return the money which is not a good show up. Here is the screenshot.

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