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Sad! Awinja Reveals The Painful Scenario By the MoH During Papa Shirandula's Burial

Yesterday after 2020 was waving bye , many had painful accounts with the year . Several wishing that it never existed. One of those who expressed much pain and grief is the former papa Shirandula's actress Awinja Nyamwalo , who revealed the painful account of Papa Shirandula's last respect moments.

Awinja has one person. However it's not a person, people are Manning it. The ministry of health. According to her , everything that happened during Papa's burial pains her to date . And it's probably through making a revelation on 31/12/2020 that will guarantee a restful 2021. According to her, she had earlier seen and participated on Covid 19 related burial but it had no relationship with how Papa's burial was conducted.

She recalls how her colleagues from Papa Shirandula's production woke up at 4 am and to their shock , the ministry of health was already waiting for them with full security and fumigating team .The group was ordered not to leave their vehicles at any given point, not even to visit a washroom. She recalls how the team turned to Viusasa just to follow Papa's burial proceedings yet they had traveled to the rural area .

She further revealed that the ministry of health made every person in the rural area believe that they had Covid 19 and they were not even allowed to greet them . After the burial, all those that had come from Nairobi were literally chased away by security officers from the ministry of health.

They were not allowed to leave even a coin to the wife . According to her , the ministry tried to pretend that things were alright on the TV screen , but deep in them , they were stigmatized by the same ministry that preaches against stigmatization.

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