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Wedding planning scene

"Ni Ukweli Kulikuwa na Ndoa ya Mkeka" Mama Dangote finally confirms about the secret wedding

Mama Dangote finally speaks out about the secret wedding that had happened about his son Diamond Platnumz. She has been head over heals about celebrating her son's wedding and captioning her Instagram posts Everytime about dancing her son's wedding before she is out of this world.

Today she has finally confirmed that indeed the private weddjng was held.'Ni ukweli kulikuwa na ndoa ya Mkeka'. She goes ahead by marking a date and telling the fans that on 11th April something something will surely be happening and every suspicion about the private wedding will be handled.

This kind of union involves no Dowry price at all and it an entitlement of one year. The suspicions of Diamond having a private wedding might after all be true.

The private wedding that took place was actually involving his son Diamond Platnumz and a Zanzibar mystery woman who is thought to be Zuchu since they have been roumoured to be dating for a while now.

Neither of them , Diamond and Zuchu has come out to confirm any allegations rather they have always denied every inciting roumours of them being an item.

The two have been noticed at many suggestive situations that automatically makes them a couple but nothing is yet certain but to await and hear from the horses mouth.

Mama Dangote can't keep calm about his son wedding rather she is excited that his son would surely settle down his family. She earlier on uploaded a video of diamonds daughter latifaa dancing and captioned saying that she is actually preparing how she will dance during her father's wedding.

It so automatic that actually Diamond Platnumz wed on a private wedding and the details will be given on. 11th April. It just anticipation that will kill people because their fans can't wait to know the truth and celebrate these news.

Apparently Diamond Platnumz has also tagged the dates himself '11th April panapo Majaliwa ya mungu Inshallah Hyatt Regency'

Mama Dangote has told the fans to save the date. It only a few days remaining to satisfy the curiosity.

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Diamond Diamond Platnumz Ni Ukweli Kulikuwa na Ndoa Zuchu ukweli


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