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Wonders shall never end

Having a pet is the new norm in today's 5G world, but the human race have taken this phenomenon a notch higher by acquiring strange pets like Snakes, lizards, lions, spiders, geckos, dogs, squirrels, cats and the catalogue of animals pet list is endless. I remember when i was a toddler i had a pet dog called Rex , i developed a very close symbiosis with Rex to an extent that he almost became like a brother that I never had .

But today I'm not here to talk about my adventures with Rex , please permit me to introduce you to Karisa and his pet Chimp known as 001. Yes!, you heard me right a pet Chimpanzee known as 001.

When I first rubbed shoulders with Karisa and his amazing Chimp they literally swept me off my feet's because of their virtuosity together, they were unbelievably amazing together.

You all know that Chimpanzees ( Pan troglodytes) are man's closest living relative, sharing almost 98.7% of our genetic blue print. Chimps are omnivorous by nature and they mostly communicate by pant-hooting , they can knuckle walk using all their four limbs or they can stand and walk upright like their cousin the homosapien .

Karisa and 001 are the new sensation in our town known as Majaoni, their fame has spread like wild fire allover the nine villages in our town. What caught my eyes when I first meet this amazing duo was their synchrony together, and this is such an abstruse chemistry to fathom between a man and a chimpanzee .

My encounter with 001 automatically generated to what can simply be referred as love at first sight, the chimp was in a full man united Jersey and was jamming to Lucky Dube's famous reggae hit song , nobody can stop reggae, and over the period I have come to develop some secret adulation for this Pan troglodyte. Karisa has done a impeccable job in training 001 so well, the chimp knows how to read and write , yes! You heard me right , 001 knows how to read and right even though he can't articulate words correctly like a human being, he also goes to the restroom alone and knows how to use the flash. He also knows how to ride a bicycle and a mono cycle.

They say a cat in gloves catches no mice, Karisa has turned his close symbiosis with his primate pet into a lucrative business idea, he is often invited into major cooperate event to entertain dignitaries at a certain fee. Karisa and 001 are a chip of the same block. And their brevity in performing their entertainment routine are so on point and perfect. Many a times their audience can't get enough of them.

Their bouquet of performance include dancing , singing, gymnastics, ball juggling , cycling and reading and writing. I never believed in Charles Dowin theory until I meet 001, I used to think that this was a man in disguise until one day I had the privilege or a one on one interview with Karisa and 001. The TV station that I work for heard about Karisa and 001, and they sent me to go and cover the story of this amazing relationship between a man and a primate.

Our director Mr Tony was a Thomas , he said that the Karisa and 001 story was apocryphal and he will only believe it after we come back with video evidence of the two amazing duo and verify our claims to him.

My crew and I meet Karisa and 001 at Raha Leo grounds as agreed , and on this particular day 001 was cladding in a white and blue stripped T-shirt with a blue short, and I want to confess that this was the most amazing interview I have ever done as a journalist. The story broke the YouTube viewing record that was set by the king of pop.

Our director was forced to swallow a humble pie after seeing the amazing clip of Karisa and his performing partner. And this taught me a very vital life lesson , before you talk through your hat , first verify your facts, and secondly you don't have to be employed in a big organization to make it big in life. You can be creative like Karisa and train your pet chicken or cat or even dog to perform some stances and earn a living through it. Rome wasn't built in a day. Be patient and work hard toward achieving your goals in life. Be smart and think outside the box.

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