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Things You Didn't Know About Silas of Maria

Silas acts in the TV drama Maria that airs on Citizen TV and is loved by many people. He actsvas a carpenter in the area.

The handsome Silas acts as a good boy from the slums, he is a friend and also neighbors from the slum with Maria.

Silas is a mama's boy who's mother is always controlling his every move but she also loves him as he is the only child.

He falls in love with one of the rich families daughter Vanessa Hausa, where Maria stays after the death of her mother.

Silas mother dies not accept the relationship just because Vanessa is rich so he thinks she really doesn't love Silas but that's not true.

Maggie who was Silas ex comes back, and his mother pushes Maggie to be with Silas she prefers someone who us poor like them. And because of his mothers pressure she goes back to have a relationship with Maggie

Silas real name is Ian Nyakundi Isaboke, he is from the kisii community, He went to kibra primary school and later joined Cardinal Otunga High school in kisii county.

He then joined campus before becoming an established thespian.Because if his creativity he has done a lot of Commercial advertisements.

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