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Sultana:Dida Heartbroken And Cries After Informed JJ Has Run Away Few Minutes To their Marriage Day

Tomorrow's episode Jabali Junior run away on their way to take his dowry at Dida's place. Jabali Junior was accompanied by Maneno and Asia but he pretends to help himself but stay many hours before coming back. JJ has gone at the sea to meet Sultana.

Major will be informed by Maneno that JJ has run away and they can't see him. Major will be shocked and can't imagine his only son dissapointing him on his big day. Mbuya will be watching and listening to Major and heard everything.

Dida has tried to reach JJ but can't find him. Mbuya finds his daughter worried and tells her that he tried his best but he never listened to him. Mbuya informs Dida that JJ has run away and such kind of man don't love you. Dida will be heartbroken and starts crying. She can't believe that just few minutes to his marriage the man he calls his lover has run away. Mbuya will try to console her but Dida tells him to leave.

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