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YouTube Millionaires: Number 3 Is A Shocker

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The social media wave has brought a novel of opportunities to the current civilization. People have been employed, alternate sources of income created and brands built with much ease. All these opportunities have been offered and created by YouTube. 

During its inception, YouTube was dominated by music videos. This has however taken a new turn since varying concepts have been introduced such as Vlogging. 

Youtube is paid by Adsense and youtubers make their earnings based on Cost Per Mills (CPM) which is basically the cost for every 1000 impressions. One also has to have at least 1000 subscribers with a minimum of 4000-hour view time.

Here is a list of top youtubers in kenya who have made it:


Timothy Kimani Ndegwa alias Njugush tops the list. He has a staggering over 352K subscribers and over 58 million views for his content.

With his humility and impeccable life story beginning in tough days and now golden days, he is a darling to many and a household name in the country. 

He has partnered with the likes of Fena Gitu in creating music and creative content. He also deals with different brands such as KFC.

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She is a student at Nairobi University where she takes economics. She has a subscription base of over 174k and a whooping 14 million views. 

The channel deals with make-up,skin care, fashion and travel Vlogging. 

She has also been previously endorsed to promote Nivea.

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She creates content on make-up, skin care, business and wellness. She has been able to maintain her viewership with her infectious laughter and love for make-up. 

She has a subscription base of over 128k and 11 million views for her content.

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Since 2017, she has garnered a subscription base of over 104k and over 3 million views for her videos. She is characterized as being sassy, bold and hilarious. 

Her content is based on life experiences and she uses humour to express it.

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5. OVER 25

This is a group of four ladies who share their stories and experiences as middle-aged, single and married women. They are Ivy Mugo, Lorna Muchemi, Michelle Wanjiku and Julia Gaitho.

They have a subscription base of over 75k and subsequent over 6 million views.  

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