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Minicheps Showcase Her Lifetime Talent Again By Posting Another Photo On Instagram And Facebook

Minicheps has continued to show her talent day i n day out since she came to fame early this year after posting unique and interesting photos online. According to her, her talent is from God and has promised to use it to the fullest. Her photos relay on food, and day to day lifestyle and through them she has earned many followers in all social platforms to an extent getting ambassadorial job in some companies.

Well Minicheps has come again with another interesting photo that talks about traffic jam in our roads. On her Instagram page she posted herself carrying her car and walking with it through the traffic jam. On the photo she added a caption that explained how one can avoid being late to get in office or somewhere else because of the traffic jam in our roads. Many of her followers have reacted to the photo including Flaqo411 one of the finest comedian in Kenya.


"Could we invent foldable cars to make it easier, someone is gonna steal my idea. Got good ideas but no resources, you are genius Minicheps" Rosa Njuguna, one of Minicheps commented. Below are some of the comments that her followers posted on her photo she had uploaded on her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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Flaqo411 Minicheps


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