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"Send DCI To Arrest Me" Akothee Fires Back To Accusation That She Exports Girls To Saudi Arabia

Esther Akoth alias Akothee is a popular social media influencer and content creator. She is a celebrity who lives a fancy lifestyle with her daughters and two sons. In the most recent days, Akoth has been flaunting her flashy lifestyle that she spends after hitting 42. Akothee just came back to Kenya after having a long vacation outside the country. Her other daughters apart from Vesha are still abroad enjoying life while making money. 

There has been a situation of Kenyan ladies going to look for greener pastures in Saudi Arabia. Most of them go there but come back in a bad situation due to mistreatment by their employers. One of the most recent cases involved a girl identified as Diana Chepkemoi. She was brought back to the country yesterday after having a very difficult time in Saudi. Her photos showing how she got mistreated in that foreign country attracted public attention that pushed the government to take action. 

Immediately after Diana's arrival, news started spreading online associating Akoth with the business of ferrying Kenyan ladies to Saudi Arabia. One of the tweets that resurfaced online said that Akothee has been taking part in that illegal business which gives her such a lifestyle. 

However, Akothee took her Instagram page to dismiss those rumours. She told the accuser to call DCI to arrest her for the claims. She typed a paragraph saying that she exports girls to Saudi while she exports her own to Europe. Akothee added that if you want to see her true colours then get your keens a passport and she'll export them too. Akoth breathed fire while responding to critics associating her riches to the situation of Saudi Arabia ladies. 

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