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Two Major Things To Learn From Thee Pluto's Loyalty Tests

Robert Ndegwa or better known as Thee Pluto is a young Kenyan youtuber. Pluto started doing loyalty tests after he split up with his girlfriend, Felecity. Many people fell in love with Thee Pluto's amazing content and they have been following closely.

This content has also led to Thee Pluto's YouTube channel growth. He is almost hitting half a million followers on his YouTube channel and racks about one million views every 48 hours. There are two things that every Kenyan should learn from the amazing content.

Number 1, gender based violence. After Thee Pluto is done sanitizing a lady's phone and the lady is found cheating, a good percentage of men result to fighting their partners. This shows that gender based violence is still a huge concern in the country. Some girls have also opted to beating their men when they are caught cheating. Watch how this lady opted to violence.

Loyalty is very scarce in the young generation. This is the second lesson that you should learn. Thee Pluto had even promised to reward every loyal couple he finds. A good number of couples sanitized are not loyal. Either the man is cheating or the lady and in some occasions both are caught cheating.

Be very cautious when it comes to relationship and avoid violence.

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