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Diamond platinum "Simba"we have "Tembo" how about Trio Mio

The giant artists we know today once they were juniors and unknown .Trio MiO the legendary Gengetone artist came into the game 2020 when Covid 19 pandemic brought everything to halt .At first nobody recognized his talent until his hit "cheza kama wewe" was all over social platforms .Before turning to music most of the artists share almost same stories "".Most of them come from humble backgrounds and this makes us ask ourselves questions does it mean the circumstances are the ones which makes these artists, we are proud of be what they are ?Most of them sing songs which are touching.Example Diamond platinum sings about love and how painful it is when one is heartbroken. "Mbagala" is one of the songs which made him popular before meeting Davido from Nigeria whom they collaborated and did a banger "my number one ".Simba got into his feet and started his own Label wasafi classics he signed so many artists who later did exemplary well in every song released from wasafi . Harmonize got his fame here (wasafi) he grew to be a hit maker besides diamond and later on we see he owns his label"Konde music worldwide

There are so many artists outside there with alot of content recorded and unrecorded who can be more than these legends we know more about .There recordings are not played on tv stations and even Redios stations an example here comes from TRUCE LABEL WHERE i have witnessed talents .Youngsters come up with the highest creativity rappers and singers end up having what they have recorded within there hands .Criss Spearboy is a Kenyan artist who does bongo music from truce label he has done so many projects but reaching a point where his music need support like airplay becomes a nightmarei have come to realize that Tanzanian singers are the best with highest humanity . A mega awards singer can bend as low as doing a collaboration with a junior artist from the country in order to boost him or her; but in Kenya I wonder why we are always selfish ,we can't understand where to get money from and where to give help . We will always lag behind because of selfishness . Artists like diamond platinum ,Konde Boy and others from Kenya likes of Mejja I salute them for a tremendous move in the industry with alot of supports all over .Blessings are added to those who are selfless .Music needs proper management if not anything in the industry can happen .Most of the musicians are business men. Diamond leads as an example he owns a label and also have a Tv station wasafi Tv .Here in Kenya we are also moving towards that direction.B bahati and other reputable musicians have become copycats after discovering the trends in the industry ,the gospel singer who changed to be a secular music . Artists should be dynamic with market trends and real ideas . He was a ghetto boy and now music has turn his life .

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Trio Mio


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