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Zora: Zora And Madiba to get Married And Mark the End of Zora

Zora Telenovela is coming to an end soon and Madiba and Zora will get married to each other after Zalena and Fella are arrested for their offenses. When Madiba was arrested because Madam zalena has escaped Hamida saved him by telling him where Zalena was and he was released.

He came back home and Kwame was so mad at him because his mother had been arrested and told him that he framed Zalena so that he can be with his Zora. Loretta also said that He framed Fella that he had killed his father so that he can be with Zora but all these are false accusations.

Lila and Filla don't believe their father anymore because of what Loretta and Kwame are saying about him. They told him that Madiba should take them to jail again so that he can be with his Zora. He tried explaining to them but they don't understand at all. Madiba remembers when Zora told him that he should fight for her so that she can get out of Fella's hand and Vowed to do anything to be with her.

On the other hand, Zora is thinking so much about what she can do to be with Madiba. She said to herself that She is not going to listen to anyone else but rather she is going to fight for Madiba. She said that she is going to be with Madiba no matter what. Soon Madiba and Zora will come together and do a wedding and this will be the end of the Play.

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