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Husband and wife relationship

'The Whispering Hope' A Short Story That Shows Problems That Christian Couples Face After Marriage.


(EPISOde one)

Caroline Thomas toweled her face and body swiftly. She picked up her body lotion and applied it gently on her skin, then walked to her wardrobe to make a choice of the nightie she would be wearing for the evening. She picked one, a plainly transparent silky black lingerie and slipped into it. She walked to the mirror and observed her seductive body.“He can’t escape this tonight. I will give it all it takes to put him in the mood” She smiled... The doorbell rang. She was very sure it was her husband. She walked briskly to the living room and called out, “Who is it”?"It’s me!" Victor replied from outside.Caroline opened the door and Victor walked in. A small briefcase was in his hand. He was wearing a moody face. Caroline tried to brighten his countenance.“Welcome darling. What happened to my baby? Why the long face?"

Victor walked past her and sat on a chair in the living room without even looking at her.“What happened sweet heart?” Caroline pressed further. “Why this mood tonight?” You didn’t even care to take a look at me.”I am sorry honey. I am so exhausted and worried at the same time. How was your day?”“It was fine... What is the issue? Why are you worried?” She asked as she sat beside him on the chair.“We have just being transferred.” Victor replied. 

“Transferred? Transferred? What do you mean by that?” Caroline responded with a blank face.“Haba Caroline! What part of being transferred is it that you do not understand? We have been transferred to another congregation, in another town. The branch of the church at..."“Hey!” Caroline interrupted him. “You and who? See, I have told you already that this pastoring of a thing is your own idea. You chose this life, not me. I didn’t marry a pastor and I never bargained for all these pastor’s wife of a thing, so what is my business with some transfer?”  Victor bowed his head in total dismay.“Caroline, when will you stop being a thorn in my flesh? Why do you choose to be a stumbling block to the work of God? When will you stop this attitude?"“I will stop when you put an end to this whole drama Victor. When you put an end to this night mare and you go back to being the original man I got married to, not some confused clergy you suddenly became overnight.” Victor raised his head sharply.“What?! Do you realize you are sinning against God? Why are you so adamant? Fine, I did not plan to be a pastor but when God later called me in to this ministry, do you expect me to refuse his call, just because I have a wife?”

“Victor, don’t bring all that please. God called you doesn’t mean that you should totally neglect your conjugal duties as a husband in this house. The God we serve is not an author of confusion, he cannot call you to serve him in order to destroy your home. Tell me dear husband, when last did we have sex in this house? Only God knows!” She replied pacing the living room aggressively. 

“I don’t have the time to exchange words with you tonight. I am serving God and that is final!” Victor answered.“Do you listen to yourself? You are serving God, so who is serving Satan? Just look at me, as young and energetic as I am, you want to turn me to an old machine? Each time you come back home, you are either tired or you are not in the mood. Other days, you are fasting and all sort of excuses... Are you the first person to be a pastor?”Victor didn’t respond. He picked up his briefcase and walked to the restroom in the Master's bedroom to have a shower.Vivian just woke up. It’s 3:00am. She looked at her husband Alex, snoring heavily beside her. She yawned and tapped him. "Wake up sweet heart.” Alex stirred, turned to the other side and continued sleeping. "Alex wake up!” Vivian repeated.She rose from the bed and went to the bathroom. She returned in a jiffy, Alex was still sleeping. She slapped his back this time around. “Sweet heart, come on!"Alex opened his eyes finally and sat up lazily“Come on, let's make love.” Vivian said and started to massage his back in order to arouse him.“It is okay…. Let us pray first.” Alex replied.“Pray? Pray about what again?” Vivian asked.“Prayer is never too much. At least, this is our first time after we wedded, let us put God first”.

 "Really? But we prayed last night before going to bed. Let's do it on time joor. Why are you so spiritual about it?” Vivian asked. “Prayer is never too much. Let us pray." He knelt beside the bed and started the prayers. Vivian was so reluctant at first to join him but she yielded later. After praying for about fifteen minutes, Vivian stood up and cut him short. “Alex, it is okay. Is it not supposed to be a short prayer? I mean, we prayed before we went to bed, so what is the meaning of all these drama?" Alex opened his eyes and replied. "Excuse me Vivian, did you just call prayer a drama? I can’t believe that this is coming from you. Were you not the prayer warrior leader in your church before I married you? Are you sure you are even born again?!"

"Heeey!!! Please, don’t give me all that. Haha?! What has been born again gotten to do with having fun with someone's husband? There is a time for everything. Three days into our marriage, no sex yet, and you are here telling me stories... Fine, we were both tired on the first night and you advised we postpone till the following morning. You woke up that morning complaining about a serious headache and I decided to let you rest. In the evening too, after we came back from the trip, you still complained of tiredness, I didn’t disturb you, now you are talking about prayer. Where is that done? Please undress and let us do this thing once and for all "Can you listen to yourself Vivian? Why are you so carnal? Are we not supposed to be with each other till death do us part? Why are you in so much haste to have sex? Hunh? How can you be this aggressive about sex,- just on the third day of our marriage?”  

"Really? Are you for real?” Vivian asked. “Hehehe! Someone should please come to my aid… Like seriously? So, what exactly are you driving at now? What are you trying to say?”

 In short, you are annoying me... And to think that I married a Christian sister!” Alex exclaimed. 

“Of course you did dear husband! See honey, I struggled a lot to keep myself pure during courtship... I mean, we had a lot of temptations when we were courting but we overcame them all… Now, it is time for us to enjoy each other, what is stopping us? I am so eager to have it. I thought you should look forward to it too, what sort of a man are you? Waking up next to your wife for two days without touching her?” Vivian asked. She started rubbing his chest in hope that he might give in.

“What kind of problem is this? That's why I wanted to marry a virgin oh! A virgin will not give me problems like this."Virgin? Are you a virgin yourself? We both were not virgins before we met Jesus, so why the self righteousness? Alex, come on, are you pulling my legs? Let's do it."

"Na wa oh! Must we do it now? I have my reasons for delaying it. We need to be sensitive.” Alex put in.

“Sensitive? About what? I abstained all these years in order for me to enjoy it with my legal husband. Tell me, what reason is strong enough to deny us our pleasure? Are you impotent?”

Alex hissed and said,"I can see that you don’t understand at all. See, you can’t force me okay? I’ll just sleep right away.”He lied on the bed turning his back to her. Vivian felt confused. After some seconds, she grabbed him and started to pull at his boxers forcefully."It must be tonight!” She said."No!” Alex retorted."Yes!” Vivian continued to pull at him while Alex struggled with her... 

To be Continued.

Hello dear readers!!! I trust you all are good... So, what do you really think is happening here? Why is Alex like that? Is Pastor Victor right to deny his wife of her right? Let your comments begin to roll in. Love you all!

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