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Ezekiel Mutua Lives Up To His Reputation As He Bans This Movie From Kenya

Ezekiel Mutua, the current CEO of Kenya Film Classification Board has banned a movie from being aired in Kenya because of this. Yes, you read it right. To my fans and the rest, get your latest update, gossip and trend, am sorry for being antisocial for a while please kindly hit the follow button in the right hand corner and please don't you forget to leave your opinion on the comment section below. Also like and share.

He had tweeted,' Gay themed film "I am Samuel" banned in Kenya. Family is the basic unit of society and any attempt to distort or undermine it should be resisted with the full force of the law. Films and other forms of creative expression should uphold family values and societal norms'. 

Kenyans went on and pinned their comments on it. 

Momus: We aren't a homogeneous society. The assumption of common "family values" & "societal norms" is a misconception. You will be surprised that your neighbor holds completely different values from your 'copied' Judeo-Christian values. Our hope lays on toleration.

Marienga Hillary: You see when we were young, we were told a lot of myths, like;

Don't go into the dark, an animal will eat you.

Don't approve the use of computers, our children will go blind.

The Europeans believed Africa was a country, associated with poverty and diseases.

Here are the rest of the comments left behind.

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