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How Justin Bieber's incredible wife saved him

Justin Bieber threw Jesus out of his life and his life went awry. In disbelief, Bieber lost everything.

There was only one choice: failure or faith. Justin chose the first one.

Justin got crazy popular at the age of 13. Fame and permissiveness played a cruel joke on him.

Once a believer, the talented guy became an addict. His image no longer matched his behavior.

Having a Christian family, Justin saw no point in religion as the Christians he knew said or did things he did not find right.

As a result, Justin destroyed everything with his own hands. Not only his career but his personal life.

Bieber's love, Hailey, supported Justin against all odds even when they split, she prayed for his healing.

This is what pushed Justin to change.

However, it was not easy for Justin. his harmful addictions did not let him go.

Justin vowed to change with God's help and he succeeded.

With God's help, Bieber resumed his career and started a family.

Hailey and Justin have been married for a year.

Justin now has all he dreamed about. The man confessed that he would not have achieved it without Hailey. 

Both Hailey and Justin are believers.

Hailey says that their relationship with God is going deeper, deeper, and deeper.

The young family uses their voice to guide people to God.

Today, with love in his heart, Justin says: life is worth living if you not gonna give up, then the only thing to do is to push forward.

If he can succeed, you should try it, too!

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