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'Anapewa 2K Out Of 70K' Concerns Raised Of Stivo SimpleBoy Allegedly Being Exploited By Manager

Stivo Simple Boy. [Images | Courtesy]

Kenyan musician and youths advocate Stephen Otieno Adera who is better known as Stivo Simple Boy seems to be having managerial issues which have attracted attention and Netizens want to help out.

Stivo shot to fame after his series of songs went viral including the famous 'Mihadariti' which was directed at Kenyan youths using and abusing drugs.

However, things seem not to be going well for the talented man based in the slums of Kibra going by recent posts online.

One renowned influencer Bravin Yuri took to his official Twitter account and posted that Stivo is not treated well by his manager and is possibly being exploited and it is sad.

''Ni kama masaibu ya Stivo Simple Boy ni mob sana. We need to help a brother to be free and prosper. The information I have received is way too much and just sad. I am also told Octopizzo wanted to sign Stivo Simple Boy manager akakataa. 🤔.'' Bravin Tweeted.

Another individual reached out to popular blog Nairobi Gossip Club with the same allegations pointing out that even for shows worth over 70K, Stivo is normally being paid 2K.''

''So the person alleges that stivo huwa akienda show ya 70K analipwa 2K na pia anakaziwa kuinterract na watu cause hawataki aseme vile analipwa pesa kiasi. Also been told anastay kwa nyumba ya matope bado.

''If you can ask for more info it will be good tusaidie boychild kama ako pabaya.'' The message read.

Fans on social media have come out strongly and want to get to understand what is going on and if the allegations are true, then Stivo needs to be helped immediately.

This is not the first time Kenyans are concerned about the Kibra based musician as a while ago when he was trolled many came out and supported him emotionally and financially.

They even helped him start a branding business dubbed 'Ausio, Ndio Manake' as a source of income.

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