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"Hi Ni Mambo Gani Sasa?" Stepfather Arraigned In Court After He Viciously Did The Following

Ever since Corona virus flared up, a number of incidents have been hitting headlines while the episodes seems in one way or the other to be the sides effects of the global perndemic.

However, in a latest dispatch from Mkenya News (Facebook), a 31-year-old stepfather found himself behind bars after he reportedly smacked his step-daughter with a slasher on the head.

(Photo Courtesy Facebook)

Frederick Mapei, a Kibarange slams resident (Nairobi) ostensibly hit his 12-year-old step-daughter after she allegedly failed to babysit her step-brother hence leaving her with servere injuries to nurse.

The account comes at a time where Kenya has been flooded with numerous gender based violence cases whereby, a number of souls have been lost, others left with permanent scars apart from children getting orphaned.

However, according to specialist, the increasing violence cases have been linked to be outcomes of depression inflicted by the harsh effects of the global perndemic.

What is your opinion over this gender based violences? What do you think should be done? And what do you think about this Nairobi stepfather?(source/ Facebook)

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