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Movie Bloopers We May Have Missed

Jurassic Park (1993)

This is one of the most popular and interesting movie where viewers learned something about dinosaurs. However, in that scene where the velociraptor is opening in the kitchen, you can notice one of the crew member’s hands in appearing behind the door molding holing the raptor’s right side

Iron Man 2008

Most of us have watched this interesting film where Robert Downey Jr. acted as the main characters among other. In a certain moments, he is working at the computer but the mug beside him is turned upside down. You can clearly see this because the graphic that is written ‘Stark’ is upside down, but when the cameras change, the mug is in the right position

Kate and Leopold (2001)

When Natasha Lyonne is coming up to the elevator and intends to press the button, those viewers who are keen enough will notice that she intentionally puts her index finger several inches to the right

Avengers: infinity war (2018)

Another interesting action movie that includes superheroes with incredible abilities trying to save the world; In the scene where Tony Stark( Robert Downey Jr.) and Peter Parker (Tom Holland) are in the space ship discussing the situations, the frame changes and it can be seen how the background and hair style changes

Horrible Bosses 2 (2014)

The issue here is about how the whole environment changes, at first, we see Jennifer Aniston entering the room wearing trousers. After a while all other participants of the scene are sitting and now she is wearing pantyhose

The awkward moment (2014)

It is possible that several frames were laid on top of one another during that scene where Ellie is sitting in a café and talking to Jason. The reflection on the window doesn’t coincide with their head movements

Tesla (2020)

According to the flow of events, the characters are in an open field where there is a storm. But during lightning strike, we can clearly see the shadow of the actor on the wall. This just proves that the scene was filmed in a studio not outdoors

Arrival 2016

We can notice the blanket hanging or clinging to something in that scene where Ian covers Louise with a blanket. This might be a microphone since the scene was shot in an open field

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