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Can More Creatives Take Up The Instagram Challenge And Share Content Aside From Coronavirus?

It’s a depressing time and the world is hurting so bad with no one having clues to rescue those dying at home and in hospitals. Every local and international news outlet only covers Coronavirus pandemic from the beginning of each broadcast to the end leaving consumers with little content that is not infiltrated by the pandemic.

It’s even worrying when people are now being sent at home on unpaid leave and most employers now asking their employees to take pay cuts to ensure that the companies survive during this time when the economy is uncertain.

In the United States, more than 75 million people are already at home due to the Coronavirus pandemic while in Kenya, we are playing catch up with mandatory regulations other countries have put in place as a preventive measure of the spread on Coronavirus.

It’s very challenging to find online content that has nothing to do with Coronavirus giving consumers who are already dealing with anxiety from the breaking news on and of Coronavirus.

The Opera News hub has given consumers a fresh breath giving consumers a wide range of content to choose from, and they ain’t the only publication, other publications such as The Efficient Woman is now giving readers a challenge on how long they can stay without reading things that are depressing.

Globally, artists are also taking up the Instagram challenge and giving their fans a taste of a live concert from their homes and this is not only a fresh breather but also an entertaining content that makes people come together and heal through music.

So far, artists like John Legend, Chris Martin, Swae Lee, have all had Instalive concerts with people viewing from every part of the world. This is one of the best things that might have happened during this time when people have been forced to stay at home and avoid movements.

In Kenya, the award winning band Sauti Sol took up the challenge and gave Kenyans a taste of what their concerts feel and look like and what most of these artists don’t really understand yet is that this is an opportunity for them to sell their music despite their complains that they never get maximum airplay on local radio.

On Monday evening, actor and artist Pascal Tokodi also took up the challenge and decided to win more fans over when he decided to do covers and music for people who follow him and those who were looking for content that is not news.

Homeboyz radio presenter and Deejay Conrad Gray alias GMONEY who is known as the king of dance-hall and Hip-hop mix master in Kenya also gave his fans a taste of live mixes on Instagram and it was entertaining watching him do his thing and you would mistake that for a concert.

However, with so many people trying to ace a niche in the entertainment industry, this is the time for people to come to solidify their content via Instagram with people around the world now stuck with more time and internet bundles.

We need more trainers, whether gym fitness instructors, teachers, motivational speakers, life coaches, nutritionist and other creatives like musicians, spoken word artists, painters, pencil artists and actors who could share with the world what they do and entertain the world at a time when information shared is only killing the spirits of people.

Image courtesy: Content provider on Instagram.

However, with that should also come with intentions. There are people who have ill intentions but still pass across as entertainers. This is not the time to share immorality because again, there has been a thin line drawn between immorality and evolution or art.

Image courtesy: Coldplay also gave a taste of what his concerts feel like live on Instagram.

It would be breathtaking and something worth looking forward to daily should other creatives take up that challenge and sweep social media platforms that are currently infiltrated with posts, forwards and analysis on Coronavirus, let people have something optional away from the news and this will only require a good phone and a stable internet.

If you are a creative or content provide, give the world a smile again by sharing your content with the world. So who would you like to see do a live concert on Instagram?

Content created and supplied by: PriscaAroko (via Opera News )

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