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"I Want My Life Back" Akothee Cries Out In Emotional Post Revealing The Disadvatages Of Being Famous

Being a public figure comes iqth it's oerks and setbacks some which Akothee the self proclaimed madam boss has in an emotional post laid out her only wish according to the post her to get her life where she could walk the streets without anybody noticing her back.

Seen on her Instagram the mother of five penned down the lengthy text asking her fans to let her express herself.

"You all might not understand but allow me express myself today... I have realised that I have become very sensitive that I don't even want to leave my house... I don't like people recognizing me in public and at times I just wished I was just a normal person passing the streets in peace... I am always very scared when I meet fans in public places , the moment I am noticed, even without knowing ,I stop that business,And I just want to run away It's not funny at all , since I know some might be genuine but again ,I also thought the ones before were genuine too... My life is very hard as a public figure and entrepreneur... get traumatized before leaving my house or jumping out of my car ,I already feel attacked even where there is nobody..."

The mother of five went ahead to promise herfns that she is working on it,"I have turned into whom I am not ,I also don't like it . I am working on it..."

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