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Divorce Affair

'Cheating is a Choice Men Make' Preacher Told After Justifying Why Men Cheat in Their Relationships

Pastor Peter Kathalu have advised the ladies to add value to their men’s life and take care of all their needs.

He further claimed that men cheat because their wives leave their needs unattended.

Tuko News reposted his photo and advise on their Facebook, that left many talking.

Sammy Ondimu reminded  the preacher that cheating is a choice that the men make individually. He further asked him not to blame the women anymore.

Nyachae Iscah stated that this was to much for her and she would rather allow her man to cheat in peace.

Teresiah wanjiru was wondering when the women will stop to take the blame of the men’s behaviours. She added that the men should be blamed for expecting too much from the women.

George Odindo was wondering why someone would stoop to low for a temporary pleasure and killing a permanent pleasure.

“When will men ever be advised on how to keep a woman? Why is it that it is only women who are told why their marriage isn’t working?” asked  Dianah Mbataru.

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George Odindo Nyachae Iscah Peter Kathalu Sammy Ondimu Teresiah wanjiru


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