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Vera Sidika 'Gets Dressed' Again After Posting Her 'Naked' Photo Online

Vera Sidika. [Image | Courtesy]

Kenyan socialite, Veronica Shikwekwe who is famously known as Vera Sidika has just made a grand debut back on social media.

Vera has been conspicuously silent and has rarely posted anything on social media especially her photos which have had fans coming to the conclusion that she has gone broke.

This is because her job nature requires her to move around major cities outside the country and due to the pandemic and lock-down, Vera had to remain indoors, which is bad for her business.

Vera Sidika. [Image | Courtesy]

A few hours ago, the self-proclaimed Queen Vee Bosset posted photos of herself on her official social media account and in what Kenyans termed it as 'very indecent' since she was barely wearing anything.

Due to how the photo is graphic, I cannot post it here for obvious reasons.

In the spirit of 'cleaning the nation' Vera's photo was re-edited now with a long dress covering her whole body making her be presentable as they said it.

''😩Who did this to Shikwekwe 🥺.'' Vera posted on her official social media account.

The socialite now joins her fellow ladies such as, Betty Kyallo and Size 8 Reborn in the list of public figures who have come out dressed 'inappropriate' in the public's eyes and have been dressed.

This attracted a lot of varied reactions from fans as some were glad that her nakedness had been covered while as usual others argued that, that is her line of work and should be left to be herself.

Vera Sidika. [Image | Courtesy]

Some social media users commented that they are cleaning the country and will not let a few individuals affect the younger generation.

Click on this link to see the photo

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