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Current Photos Of Now Grown Up Sophia And Jamilah Who Appeared On Kanumba's Film "Big Daddy"

‍‍‍The best legacy one can leave to one's children and grandkids is a legacy of character and faith, not money or other tangible possessions gathered in one's life. Steven Kanumba indeed will be remembered forever not only by his movies but also with all the good he did while alive.‍ The late Steven Kanumba was famous for roles in Tanzania's soap operas and films shown all over east and central Africa.

If you have ever watched "Big Daddy", then you might be aware of the two kids who portrayed the character of Kanumba's Children that is Jamilah and Sophia

( On the left is Sophia and on the right is Jamilah)

The movie was released back in 20😾 and as of today, those kids are all grown ups.

Check their current photos below, 

Sophia Photos

Jamilah Photos

Kanumba mentored many young actors and actresses in Tanzania and I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. May his soul continue resting in peace.

(Photo: The Late Steven Kanumba)

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Jamilah Sophia Steven Kanumba


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