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Opinion: 4 You Tube Channels Every Man Should Subscribe To

Our phones and mobile devices have become like a second skin to us. These devices have let us build our lives around our celebrities, make money online, learn new skills and do so many other things which honestly makes this generation a truly special one.

You can change your whole life depending on what you choose to do with your mobile device. Many people have realized this power, the power of social media, and set up accounts on various online platforms with the most popular being YouTube.

There is YouTube kids for the younger generation, YouTube Music, and YouTube videos which can keep us so engrossed for hours.

Today am more interested in content catered to men, to make them enjoy and interact with their world while producing their best.

Have you ever come across a Youtube channel and thought this has the best man facts or the best men’s fashion? So, after some research here are a few channels I interacted with which are worth a look over for you to enjoy as a man.


I love this guy because he is loud and in your face in his videos. He tells you exactly what you need to hear to get you looking good as a man. He tells you what is good to wear and what is not, he advises on hacks you should use such as when you are shaving and grooming yourself. His content is very useful for a man who generally wants to look good and be successful at it.

2.Alpha m.

He gives advice to men on life, style, grooming, and fitness. I love the range of topics he gets into and his advice is relatable.

3.Epic history Tv

This channel will give you a peek into history which is clear and very informative. You will learn so much from this channel about world history. The geography lesson will leave you with a wealth of knowledge.

4. Practical Wisdom

This channel is great if you are in a rut and want to think in a different way. It gives you real advice for you to use in your everyday life, from money to your personal life. I really like it.

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