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'Unaogopa nini' Why it is difficult to watch a movie or TV with your kids.

Have movies influenced you views on sex? In what ways are you praising the current movies? Do you like to watch series movies?

There has been a rise in the use and access to technology and media. The watching of movies is now on the rise. Short video movies to now series.

Movies have really influenced the cultures of the world. The times have changed. Action movies were honoured in the past with few or no romantic scenes. What about now? Nudity, perversion and increased praise for immorality. Today it us rare to find a movie without a nude scene in it. Today a movie will not be praise without sexual or nude scene in it.

Parents are now not able to watch a TV with their own kids; who knows what will be aired next? Will a parent be comfortable to watch Netflix or Hollywood movie with their kids?

Sex is a gift that was given by God. It was given to be enjoyed between two people , male and female, who are married.

Our leader especially the MPs who are involved in drawing of bills and drafts should be informed. Where would our tomorrow generation be if today is destroyed?

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