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How To Apologize To Your Lady

To men, apologising when they are wrong is one of the most difficult task they can have. Men would rather take you out for dates or spend a lot of money but will never say they are sorry by word of mouth. This article will focus mainly on how a man can apologize to a lady without being forced to do so.

1. Genuinely be sorry for what happened

First when apologising you need to be genuinely sorry. You have to see your mistake from the ladies point of view and humbly ask for forgiveness. No matter how big or small the issue might appear to be, ladies love it when a man recognizes his mistakes and apologize.

2. Have the right attitude

Have the right attitude when apologising. Men feel degraded when apologising and that is why they avoid saying they are sorry. As a man you need to have an apologetic attitude and approach your lady while calm and with the right words to show how sorry you are.

3. Touch her

A woman often loves to be touched meaningfully. This is not all about s3x, as a man you can hold her hands or shoulders or even hug her when in the process of apologising.

4 . Show you love her

Women are emotional beings and love being reminded that they are loved every now and then. Thus as a man, you need to tell your lady that you love her and you are sorry for the mistake you did. You can take her out on dates or other romantic things just to prove your love for her.

5. Don't be in a hurry when apologising

One thing with women is that they are past oriented and will try to remind you of another mistake you did in the past. Understand her that's her nature and therefore you need to apologise every now and then so she maybe satisfied.

Remember that by apologizing you will have saved your relationship. As a man don't let pride destroy what you build and the love you have for your lady.

I hope you have learnt something. Don't forget to click and follow me for more advise on love and relationships. Thank you.

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