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Ni Serious Sana;The Man Who Acted As Jesus Christ Got Struck By Lightning, Became Sick While Filming

Dear members of the public, have you ever watched or heard of one of the greatest movies of it's time identified as The Passion of Christ? If yes, did you know that the main character, James Caviezel suffered and became sick while filming the movie?

Well,James Caviezel was the main character in this popular and greatest movie of its time. James Caviezel played the role of Jesus Christ in this movie which was delivered by Mel Gibson. However, during the process of acting and filming the movie, some characters like James Caviezel experienced some unexpected, worrying and controversial occurrencess like being struck by lightning.

The first strange and unusual occurrence happened to the main character James Caviezel as he was struck by lightning while reciting the 'Love your enemies' line in Aramaic.

Another controversial occurrence also happened again to James Caviezel when he was filming the crucifixion part where he was once again hit by lightning.

Making it more serious, another third strange encounter saw James Caviezel endure a shoulder dislocation and became sick while acting. He suffered pneumonia, hypothermia and also suffered couple misplaced lashes.

Reports have it that the film's assistant director identified as Jan Michelini was also struck by lightning. This strange occurrences appears to me more controversial considering that the Passion of Christ movie was a controversial kind of a movie.

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