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What These Popular Throwback Songs Refer To.

We've all listened to these songs innocently even managing to master most the lyrics offhead , but as we continue to listen carefully the messages behind the songs seems to make more sense but not inthe way we had originally thought .So my dear readers here are some top songs that we missed out on thier true hidden meanings and I'll leave the interpretation entirely up to you .(Part1).


Tanzanian popstar Zuchu released Sukari in early 2021 the song went viral not only because of its well choreographed dance but also due to the double meaning it carried to exonorate the young audience from the naughty hidden message .In the song She references that in the relationship she provides all the sugar which has her lover undeniably hooked which can be translated to simply mean Zuchu is a champion in making love.

Mama Nitilie.

The song has been a hit for over a decade and featuring legendary songstress Ray C featuring alongside rappers ,Gelly &AT .The Bongo flava hit is centered around the theme of food and follows the two rapper's as they consistently beg to be served from Ray C who inthe songs video appears as a chef running a hotel lined up with men. The song references to a never ending desire of the men's desire of Ray C who she rebukes of not appreciating and being contentfull of what they get .


Kenyan veteran genge artist Flexx dropped his high charting song tittled Nyundo in translating to hammer featuring fellow calif record lable mate Jua Cali in 2004. The naughty song with two themes follows the two who inthe song metaphorically present themselves as hard working carpenters with a good expertise for handling good wood with the use of their hammers and are in need to showcase thier woodcraftmanship especially to any interested female clients .

What do you think is the Hammer?


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Bongo Gelly Mama Nitilie Sukari Tanzanian


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