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Nyota NdogoTo give Ksh15,000 to anyone who will return her stolen phone

Nyota NdogoTo give Ksh15,000 to someone who will return her stolen phone

She says someone stole her phone and it contained very important data and information that is important to her life.

Mwanaisha Abdallah popularly known as Nyota Ndogo is one of kenya's most popular figures.

She has become an online attraction as she has always been proud of her social media life as she has sometimes sought advice from her fans whenever a controversial topic comes up to her.

On her Instagram page, Nyota Ndogo appeared dejected after losing her phone last night (Thursday).

Instead of choosing to buy a new phone, Nyota Ndogo has decided that she wants a phone that was stolen.

He says she will return the amount of money she spent to buy a phone to anyone who returns the phone to her.

According to Nyota Ndogo, he says he is willing to give Ksh. 15,000 to anyone who returns her phone to her.

"I got robbed of my phone last night here please if you can give me back my phone I'll give you 15,000 better sell it myself please that's my office plzz plzz you cut me off from selling it yourself."

This comes when losing a phone is considered one of the most painful things that can happen to you.

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