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Netizens Responses After Jemutai Posted Her Phone Number Asking For Financial Help

After Churchill comedian Jemutai made a very desperate move exposing her Babydady for failing to take care of his two children, where she had no choice but to sell her Facebook account to raise some money, she admitted later that she received a lot of calls from those who wanted to know if I deed she was the one or it was a pseudo account.

Admitting that indeed she is the one she went on to promise his fans that she will not proceed with the intention of selling the account, but hope she will make it through with the help of her fans promising to make a video of the same at her YouTube channel. Concluding her confession through her Facebook page she posted her phone number to receive fund aid from the fans who might be touched to send some money to her.

This action elicited mixed reactions from netizens some saying that they are also single mothers raising their children alone which is a critic for her to ask for help yet many single ladies out there are doing all they can to raise money to support their families without borrowing from people.

Some expressed their disappointment with the Kenya industry where people are making others laugh yet they have nothing to smile about, and the same problem is seen to be haunting Kenya's celebs but gives free advice saying that they should make hay while the sunshine's and live within their means.

This of different opinion said that she is not looking for sympathy but she needs money to take care of her family, encouraging her that there is no shame in admitting her struggles, especially when you are a single parent working hard to feed shelter and clothe your kids.

What can you say about her desperate move to ask for financial help from her fans?

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