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Divorce Affair

I divorced Her 5 Years Ago, AIPCA Pastor, Muthee Kiengei Reacts To His Ex-Wife Marrying Another Man

Just hours after Kiengei's Wife posted a photo with her new catch, her former husband has come out clearly to congratulate them.

The pastor who is also Kamene Fm's presenter and comedian, went ahead and defended the fact that he was married with her but divorced five years ago. That he went ahead and found another beautiful woman whom she is now contended with.

He said that his ex-wife found love in someone else who was divorced for two years and they are all happy now.

He however, condemned all those hurling insults and cyber bullying him when he did nothing wrong.

The post attracted mixed feelings from Netizens. Some saying that he should not have posted the message while some praised him for portraying a mature response.

Njoki said, "Muthee Kiengei Wa Watoria you owe no one an apology about your life. People are dying inside trying to fake happiness in their marriage that died long time ago. You know what? Many that are criticizing you are just wishing they have courage to do the same but they live other people lives."

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AIPCA Muthee Kiengei Njoki


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