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One Thing Kiengei Does Not Share in Public Gatherings

Kiengei kicked off by encouraging his huge following by quoting a sentence from Sammy Irungu's latest song 'Muthenya Wakwa', a song that has blessing many of late. He went on to make it clear that he uses a personal microphone which he does not share.

The microphone has been on the debate regarding being a spreader of covid if it's not well sanitized. It is indeed important that Kiengei took the initiative of using his own as a way of precaution considering he will have to be in a gathering in one way or another due to his nature of work and the fact that he is a pastor.

It is also important for individuals to follow the set guidelines by the Ministry of Health from washing our hands and sanitizing frequently to wearing our masks and maintaining the required distance while in public.

Kiengei has been applauded by his followers for taking such an initiative. We ought to do our best and leave the rest to God.

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