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Never Tell Anyone These Secrets, Keep Them To Yourself

There are some people who doesn't know how to keep quiet about their lives or anything they know. Here are some things that you should keep to yourself and reasons why you shouldn't share.

1. How much you earn. Other people should not be familiar with the amount of money you earn. Always talking about money to the people around you is not pleasant because you never know the financial status about them. It could also mean that you are insecure therefore needing constant approval.

2. Good things you have done for others. Nowadays we find people sharing about how they have helped orphans, widows and street children all over social media. It is not good to do so because it ruins the good intentions behind your deed. It will appear like you are using them to get popular and for people to praise you.

3. Family issues. Do not share the problems you experience in your family with strangers. Instead of solving them, they will increase negativity because they do not know your family history. They might give you bad advice that could ruin your family and regret later.

4. Other people's secrets and embarrassing moments. Do not share other people's secrets which they shared with you in confidence. Portraying other people as bad will show that you are insecure therefore talking badly about others to make yourself better.

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