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Pregnancy period

Mixed Reactions After Joyce Wa Mamaa Pulled a Pregnancy Prank on Her Fans

Joyce Wa Mamaa has left her fans speculating whether she is really pregnant with a child or pregnant with a new song but all the same, congratulatory messages are already flowing her way. This is after she posted a prank message on her facebook page stating that she was 24 weeks pregnant. At the end of her post she added that she had copied the post elsewhere and she just wanted to see whether her fans read her posts until the end.

"When you go to the hospital thinking you have the flu because you're vomiting and weak and you find out that you're pregnant, Lord..... I'm so not ready but I am so thankful," she posted followed by hashtags like baby loading, pregnant and scared, 24 weeks, baby on board and several others. "This post is from someone on fb just wanted to know if you really read my posts until the end ... then copy to see who really reads everything," she added.

Her fans have felt disappointed to learn that it was just a prank even going ahead to quote her previous song with Prof. Karash. One Mutahi was one of the few people who didn't get the pregnant after he commented that, "I was comfortably sipping my dufear without fear then my only crush posted this, I still love you mwendwa even with the ball." Some of her fans are still not buying the prank and are now telling her that, if she is really pregnant then they will find out eventually. "Joyce Wa Mamaa hata kama ni ya wenyewe,, nakuona 18. Hata harusi ulipost tu hivyo ukasema bado umeiba post ya wenyewe... hata mimba naona hauyuko mbali na ukweli...anyway congratulations are in order gal," Mary Gakunga commented.

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Joyce Wa Mamaa


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