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"To Lose Weight." Thee Pluto Gives 5 Reasons Why He Has His Dreadlocks Back

Thee Pluto is back being a rasta man. Pluto had maintained his signature dreadlocks for well over six years when he was dared to shave. One of the main reasons the young businessman decided to shave is that there was a cool one million shillings at play. He was gifted one million Kenya Shillings after putting his locks down.

The chief sanitizer is now back and he named five reasons that made him decide it is time to put back his signature locks. One is because he wants to lose weight. He said that a friend told him that dreadlocks make one lose weight. "Dredi zinakunywa mtu." He said. He has gained weight and he wants to lose some fats.

While joking with one of his buddies, Kabudeng, Thee Pluto also said competition from the likes of Willy Paul and presenter Ali made him go back to his old look. He also mentioned Pest and disease. Without a proper shower the short hair will leave you with dandruff because of the chemicals used to keep it curled. Here is a link to the full video of Thee Pluto explaining his decision,

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