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Bishop Muriithi Admits Siring Child With Woman Who Sued Him, Says Can't Afford Upkeep

Photo: Bishop David Muriithi & Judy 

Popular televangelist and House of Grace Bishop David Muriithi has finally confirmed that he is the father of the child he had out of wedlock with a woman who sued him this month. The pastor told the court that he will take responsibility for his son but will only afford to pay Ksh 10,000 only for monthly upkeep because he depends on well-wishers to survive. In papers filed in court, the pastor says he had a short lived relationship on and off with the woman which ended in the year 2018.

 “I offer to take full responsibility of paying fees for the minor as well as payment of 10,000 per month for the minor’s upkeep bearing in mind my limited means and family responsibility.. When I met the applicant she was living in her own rented house with her other teenage child sired from a different relation where she paid her own rent,” his affidavit reads.

However, Bishop Muriithi argues that he was not aware that the woman identified as Judy Mutave was pregnant and she never disclosed to him that she was pregnant. The pastor says that the woman kept complaining that she had fibroids and never spoke about pregnancy. The cleric claims that the first time he learnt of the pregnancy was long after the relationship ended when he called the woman to pass his greetings.

 “The first time I learnt of the pregnancy was long after the relationship ended when I called to say hello and in the process she casually informed me that she was at St. Mary to deliver a baby who shocked me and so she is lying that I knew about the pregnancy,” reads court papers.

Bishop’s Reaction on Pregnancy News

However, the Bishop says there was no way he would feel happy about a pregnancy that he did not know about and which she had hidden from him. Bishop Muriithi accused the woman of using their child to extort money from him since she thinks he is rich. Muriithi also says in the papers filed in court that as much as he leads the church , it is not true that he lives a flashy life and that this is the imagination of the woman seeking his child support.

 “It is clear in my mind that the applicant having had the misconception that I live a high end life somehow has caused herself to conceive with the sole aim of getting a slice of the perceived ‘high end’ life,” he says

Photo:Bishop Muriithi With His Family

He further states that the woman’s scheme seems to be that she will use the child to unlawfully achieve her objective. The Bishops claims that the woman’s move was only intended to embarrass him, and extort money from him as the case was splashed all over social media against the provision of the law.The ‘man of God’ claims the main objective was to sensationalize the story and put pressure on him to succumb to her extortion scheme and she does not have the welfare of the child at heart.

“As a responsible adult who had liaison with the applicant, I am convinced that it would in the best interest of the child for me to take up the reasonable parental responsibility over the child whom she claims to be mine as that is the most responsible thing to do to protect the minor,” he said.

Muriithi Not Affording School Fees For the Child

He says he will pay the school fees for the child but the school the mother chose is too expensive and he will not afford it

“I was not consulted in the choice of Kiota School neither can I afford the fees in that school as I have no regular income and only rely on well-wishers for support for the church and my family,” he says.

JM says the fees is as per the fee structure from Kiota School, Sh1,000 for salon, entertainment Sh5,000, utilities Sh3,000 and Sh2,000 for her son’s toys.

Judy claims she met the man of God in 2018 and they entered into a romantic relationship that led to her giving birth to her son in January 2019. Through lawyer Danstan Omari, JM says Muriithi was happy and excited to hear that news of JM's pregnancy and was overjoyed when the son was born.

However, Omari says his client has singlehandedly been taking care of the minor without the help of the bishop since he was born. The woman also wants the court to order the man of the cloth to pay Sh20,000 per month for food and shopping, Sh35,000 for house rent, Sh11,000 for clothing, and Sh10,000 for house help. Through her attorney Danstan Omari, the Judy accused the bishop of neglecting them despite knowing that he is the biological father of her son. 

Omari says Muriithi has shown no interest in the minor and has incessantly showed no interest by failing to address the issue on how the child will be cared for and protected. He argued that the child has attained the age to join school and therefore the bishop should support JM with paying the child’s school fees and school related expenses among other things.

“Muriithi has neglected his parental responsibilities and has caused the minor herein to be a child in need of care and protection.The Plaintiff avers that the Defendant is a Bishop of a reputable church within the Republic of Kenya who lives a high-end life and is not willing to offer his child the same kind of life which is a clear indication of discrimination on his part.

Jude’s Life in Danger After Suing Muriithi

 Days after taking the bishop to court, Judy came out lamenting that her life was in danger . She claimed that she feared for her life and that of her son after a suspicious Mercedes Benz with unknown occupants was seen in her compound in Nairobi’s Kilimani estate by her brother.

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