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'Nauza Vitu Za Wanawake' Here Is What Vera Sidika Told 'Mtumba Man' After Dressing Like This

[All Images / Courtesy | Instagram]

Lately, a video has been making rounds on various social media platforms, of a young man dressed like a woman selling second-hand clothes.

The man who is identified as Sande, Mayau Dream Chaser has found a unique way of using his comical skills to entertain and attract customers to buy his clothes.

Going viral has been a blessing to Sande as he has been welcomed by entertainer Jalang'o and even secured him a deal with a famous clothing brand.

'Mtumba Man' as many call him took to his official social media account and posted videos as he made a trip to Nairobi boarding a plane that was fully paid for.

''Wale ambao walinikataa kana kwamba navaa kama mwanamke na mie ndio nawauzia nguo za wanawake🤣🤣🤣 basi tupatane pale @devine_collections. Naenda kuchapa luku 😁😁🤗.'' Mayau Dream Chaser pposted on his official Instagram account.

Unexpectedly, Kenyan socialite Veronica Shikwekwe alias Vera Sidika replied to the young man stating that she is genuinely happy for him and congratulating him for his new role.

''Congratulations Sande. I’m genuinely happy for you 🙌👏.'' Vera Sidika posted replying to Mtumba Man.

Vera had posted videos of Mtumba Man on her official social media page after he also went ahead and dressed like and expectant mother, which Vera is.

Vera Sidika. [All Images / Courtesy | Instagram]

Many have come to support the young man, both offline and on social media, for his unique skills and how creative he has been to attract such a huge audience in a very short time.

Fans in the comment section had a lot to say to Mtumba Man and react to what Vera Sidika said.

Juls, ''@queenveebosset bless you mama kijacho mungu akujalie uzae salama mamaa❤️.''

Kerubo Ruth, ''Proud of you keep pushing... napenda vile unajituma.''

Ava Maza, ''Wooow congratulations 👏 🙌 👏was waiting for some to see how talented you are, finally.''

Wendy Atis, ''Waaw when God shines on you, no one can ever take that from you. Truly this was just meant to happen. Barikiwa sana Omera na zidi kubariki wengine.''

Ariri, ''Kazi ya mungu haina makosaaa... Thank you Vera for always supporting this man.''

Zaina David, ''Hivyo ndio umeomoka msee😂😍😍.''

Malkia Fii, ''👏👏keep working hard...... you made us laugh and now it's ur time to laugh. Your laughter is now permanent and may this journey open more gates of financial success for you.''

[All Images / Courtesy | Instagram]

Carolyne Peter, ''Ulienda kuomba msamaha bae ukapewa bol😂😂😂.''

One Word for this young man. COMMENT below.

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Mtumba Man' Nauza Vitu Za Wanawake' Sande


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