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Meet The Most Handsome Celebrities From Kenya With Dreadlocks And Their Celebrity Crushes

It is clear that most ladies like men with dreadlocks because they appear more cute than those men who shave. Today's article highlights some of the kenyan celebs who look more cute with dreadlocks and also female celebs that they have crush on.

1 David a.k.a Benzema. (Alejandro).

He is well known by the name Alejandro. He is a musician who has dreadlocks and they make him look more handsome, most ladies like him especially when he smiles. He has a crush on Cherono and once they kissed.

2. George Waweru (DJ Kalonje).

He is well known as Dj Kalonje and he has produced very many mixes like street locked mixes. He was recognize by fans in 2010 and he has produced more hits to impress his fans.

He has dreadlocks that look so cute and also makes him attractive which ladies want to have some time with him. The 33 years old Dj once revealed that he had a crush on Avril, the popular kenyan musician.

3. Swabri Mohammed (Redsan).

Many fans recognize him as Redsan and they like him with his dreadlocks. His body size and height also play part in making ladies like him more. Redsan's crushes are Betty Kyallo and Vivian.

4. Anto Neosoul.

He is a musician, media personality and an actor born in 1985. He is still single and has long dreadlocks which make him look very handsome. He has a crush on Wairimu Brenda who is also an actor.

5. Robert Ndegwa (Thee Pluto).

Many fans know him as Thee Pluto and he was born in 1999. He is a modeler with cute dreadlocks that makes ladies go grazy whenever they see him. Pluto has a crush on Gloria Kyallo, Betty Kyallo's sister.

6.Kagwe Mungai.

He is an afro pop musician born in 1991 and he launched his first music in 2013 and also his producing career. He has dreadlocks which he treat them with good styles and they make him look more cute.

Femi one was open enough and said she has a crush on Mungai, also Adelle has a crush on him. Kagwe also has a crush on Miss Mandi, Anita Nderu and Ann Kiguta.

7. Sean Andrew Kibaki.

He is the grandson of 3rd president of kenya Mwai Kibaki. He is cute boy with dreadlocks that can make people admire. He is a fashion model and also a photographer, and Rue (Akothee's daughter) said she has a crush on him.

8. Nyamari Ongegu (Nyashinski).

He is 39 years old and a hip hop artist who is most loved by kenyans with his talent of rapping. He also has dreadlocks which add something to his cuteness and he has a fiancee who love him with his cute dreadlocks.

Kush Tracey, Huddah Monroe, Terry Muikamba and Joyce Mains are celebs who have a crush on Nyashinski.

Content created and supplied by: Chindelu (via Opera News )

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