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Top 5 Best Musicians Artists From Mombasa Kenya 2021.

The showbiz entertainment music and art industry in Kenya are rapidly growing up. However, the stiff competition from its neighboring countries like Tanzania and Uganda is unbearable. This is because both the competitor nations have government organs that are aiding their artists and Musicians for prosperity. In this article, i going to share with you the Top 5 Best Musicians and artists from Mombasa Kenya 2021. I shall only list the top 5 best Mombasa musicians and artists in the entertainment industry for 2021. This is because the showbiz industry keeps on changing as new artists keep on emerging every time. As a result, the charts keep changing frequently. Furthermore, we have numerous Mombasa upcoming artists in the current year who are indeed doing good music.

1. Otile Brown.

First, his fame grew after he started dating top Kenya socialite Vera Sidika. Hence, his main source of fame was Vera sidika, story cut short. This is because, without Vera, he couldn’t have reached where he is as of now, PERIOD! Otile Brown is a Kenyan R&B artist who has won over the hearts and affection of many both locally and internationally. He not only does music to keep his fans entertained, but also keeps a vibrant social life online. You may know him from his several posts on Instagram and his relationships that have been marked with drama and a lot of public display of affection.

2. Singer Brown Mauzo. 

Elite Kenyan Musician born Fredrick Mtinda but popularly known as Brown Mauzo was born December 31st in Kenya. Although he is recognized by most on the African continent, Brown Mauzo likes to sing his music in the East African language Swahili. Brown Muzo before making it to the limelight in 2007, he worked as a member of a group called Wawili Peke and later releases his first-ever single song, “Subira” and in 2013 released the song, “Natamani” Some of his hit songs include songs like Nitulize with Alikiba, Apotee and many more.

3. Masauti.

Again, Masauti is one of the most sought and trending artists in Kenya. Masauti, born Mohammed Ali Said is a Kenyan born artist. He was born and bred in Mombasa where he also schooled. He left school due to financial constraints and later on started garnering the interest in music. Masauti started out his career in Mombasa. This is when he started visiting the studio to just accompany his friends and he got some interest in music. He started out his career as ‘Mswazzi Masauti’. He then moved to Nairobi and got some recognition and got signed by Tedd Josiah.

4. Ally B. 

He is also in the top list of the Best Artists and Musicians From Mombasa Country of Kenya in 2021.Ally B has been a prominent artiste in the coast region for long with hits such as Silali feat. Size 8 and Ziki La Nazi feat. Rojo Mo, Bembea among other songs.

5. Madini Classic band.

Also, Madini gained fame through causing some controversial trends that he had beef with Otile Brown. Just that, fame followed and Kenyan started following him on social media as well as listening to his songs. He did a collaboration with Gilad in Pure Love, as well as Nairobi based rapper Prezzo.

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