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Sultana: Bi Ua Packs Her Bags Ready To Leave

Tomorrow's episode Bi Ua has packed her bags and wants to leave the house. Asia and Major finds her and begs her not to leave. Bi Ua has made her decision but Major pleads her not to leave. Major tells Asia to excuse them to talk as couples.

Major tells Bi Ua that he loves her so much and no one will ever love her they way he loves her. Bi Ua tells him that she only wants to leave so he can remain with his other family, referring to Fatma and Dida. Bi Ua tells Major to decide because she can't stay the same house with Fatma.

Major meets Fatma and tells her that his wife is not feeling . Fatma asks him if Bi Ua has gone crazy again? Major tells her that his wife is fine but she is not happy with her. Fatma tells him that Bi Ua has never liked her. Major tells her to leave his house and when things comes back to normal she will come back. Fatma will not be happy but she has no other option but to leave.

Fatma goes on and tells Major that Dida will be left. She will meet Bi Ua and tells her goodbye.

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