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Two things that a married woman should not do for their cheating husband

Two weeks ago Catherine Wanjiru Kinyua, was an interview with Lynn. The comment section was crazy as everyone asked for her to be brought back for the interview.

The mother of a 17 year old daughter, was again interviewed a few hours ago.

She thanked and appreciated her daughter who made her reach to the media. The 17 year old girl, texted Lynn of Tuko talks requesting her to reach out to her mum who had gone through a lot.

 She also thanked all the people who sent her emails encouraging her.

Despite, here past which was angry, she still insisted that there are good men, pastors and father out there and men are not ‘dogs’.

She discouraged the wives from praying and fasting for their cheating husband. They should get the reasons behind their men’s behaviours and knew if its their battle they are fighting.

“Identify the enemy and the battles you want to fight, because if you foolishly get in to a war, you will walk out hurt,” she added.

Most men claim to be provoked and controlled in to the cheating by the devil. We should always anoint our feet as we walk out our homes so that you are defiled from where you are stepping.

She urged the ladies focus the prayers on themselves and their children.

“Women, there is a simple prayer you can pray ‘God let this choice not affect, my children and destiny anymore’,” Catherine advised.

Engage in a wisdom prayer and not in a battle prayer.

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