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Toti Of Junior Drama Vs Azziad Nasenya, Who Is More Fashionable And Model In Acting

Many of our ladies like stepping out looking gorgeous and fashioble, for fashion is the second name for them. Though they have good but different taste, they are all glamorous.

I know we all have come across with our beautiful young actresses in the industry of acting. But today am going to only talk about two of the. And they are Azziad Nasenya and Toti.

Toti Of Junior drama

Her real name is Latiffah Twahir. She is very beautiful and young talented girl, and this has been proven by how she potrays her character in Junior drama. She is so beautiful and fashionable on and off the screen and here are her beautiful pictures.

Azziad Nasenya

She is the queen of Tiktok and actress who featured in the drama series 'Selina'

She came to limelight when she did a dance and people liked it in large. She is so cute and like wearing makeups and big nails that tend to make people wonder how she eat 'Ugali'. And here are the glamorous and best photos of her.

Content created and supplied by: Lizzy (via Opera News )

Azziad Nasenya Latiffah Twahir Tiktok Toti


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