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Little Things We Can Do To Keep Our Families Strong And Together As COVID-19 Third Wave Bites

Image by White77 from Pixabay

The onset of COVID-19 came dragging in a cartload of new challenges that have been threatening to disintegrate our families.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Like a well-oiled machine, the harmony among the family members that holds them together is what makes the home a place of refuge and a haven of tranquility.

However, all this has been disrupted by the pandemic.

Financial resources are diminishing owing to layoffs and low business returns.

Image by Freepik

More time is being spent indoors to reduce social interactions, and positive news has become rarer than gold nowadays.

All this is not the best recipe for a healthy family.

And not unless we purpose to take deliberate measures, we may not have families we can cherish by the time this virus decides it has had enough.

Contrary to the misconception by many, we don’t have to move mountains for our families to be happy.

First and foremost, as a man or a woman, what our families need most is love.

Photo by Trust "Tru" Katsande on Unsplash

They need the assurance that we’ll always be there no matter what, to share in the little successes and hold each other’s hand through life’s disappointments.

Be there when your curious little one asks the little innocent questions.

Photo by Freepik

Reason with your teenager who thinks you and the world have ganged up against him or her.

Don’t be away when your spouse needs a shoulder to cry on or a word of comfort when the world offers one of its inevitable disappointments.

Photo by Gabriel Tovar on Unsplash

Love is not costly: with a heart and will, you are ready to go.

But like the disciplined body-builder who eats, breathes and sleeps exercise, love that is not nurtured disappears faster than air from a deflated balloon.

With the time that we’ll find in our hands, whether created by us or forced on us by COVID-19 restrictions, let’s share a part of it with our families and do something that will leave an impact.

Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

If we can’t cause a wave, let’s start a ripple.

I know someone is asking at this juncture, “how can I offer something I don’t have?”

A substantial number of people have lost their jobs, stress has set in and bills are piling.

I agree that in the absence of strength, you may not offer it in return.

That’s why being connected to a source of strength is paramount.

The major source of strength is God: pray if you can, read the bible, watch or listen to a sermon, read an edifying book, sing a song, talk to someone.

Doing some of these things together with your family is a big plus since you end up killing two birds with one stone.

The strengthened family in turn becomes a pillar you can count on in future.

When all are strengthened, keeping the smartphones and the TV remote away for some time and doing simple interesting things like telling childhood stories, laughing together, playing simple games keeps the family bonds tight.

The cliché, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade might have been beaten to death, but it still offers practical truths that might help us make something out of this pandemic.

Content created and supplied by: JamieK (via Opera News )

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