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Top Artist To Undergo Another Surgery To Look Petite, This Is The Amount Of Money It Will Cost Her

These days, top Artist don't fear finding out they're undergoing surface medical procedures. Murugi Munyi, Vera Sidika and Risper Faith are among the power couple who have been transparently discussing their corrective medical procedures.

Risper Faith currently says she's planning on having a gastric bypass after she fizzled out. Taking it to Instagram, she expressed. When I do my little gastric detour, it's over for you bit***es…Happy Tuesday.

The smaller than normal gastric bypass strategy constricts the stomach, limiting the amount of food that can be devoured. In August 2021, the former socialite said that her technique (gastric bypass) would cost the incredible sum of Kshs 850,000 and her life partner Brian Njunge would cover the entire bill.

It's the lifestyle of most artists, they are determined to make themselves beautiful and small, to have more fun, but why should they draw more fun, while still publicly release their formats they do on their body?

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Murugi Munyi Risper Faith Vera Sidika


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